Links   Explore the Villanova underground, pictures, forums, videos and music!   The reason I started DUParties, this is a site about Bloomsburg parties/rugby!!   All the Simpson's quotes you'll ever need and video clips of them too!   Multiple output kegtaps cut down on lines and allow for kick ass double keg stands   Absolutely wonderful company selling all kinds of cool bar products   RATE YOUR TEACHER! This site is a must when signing up for classes   Bobby Miller will do some crazy shit if you put him in front or behind a video camera!   Site to fill Drexel students in on the happenings around campus   Another Drexel site awaiting more content   All your mixed drink needs! (go here if you need to figure out how to mix a drink)   The not-so-subtle processes that define the very lives of some local suburban fools  An inside view of drexel life